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Kim Anami - Sexual Mastery for Men

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Kim Anami Sexual Mastery for Men

Kim Anami - Sexual Mastery for Men

As a woman, a lover, and a sex coach, I see very few men who are masters of their sexuality.
Are you?

When you initiate sex, does she shut you down?

Do you ever get the sense that she's not "with you" during sex?

When you've finished having sex, do you sometimes feel like you could have done more for her?

Has she stopped initiating sex with you?

Do your sexual encounters frequently last less than 15 minutes. including foreplay and afterplay?

Have you ever heard rumors of men who could have marathon sex for hours and hours, including having multiple, body-shaking orgasms. and wondered how they do it (and if it's possible for you to learn?)

Do you want to finish making love to your woman and KNOW, beyond any doubt, that she's satisfied mentally, emotionally AND physically. that she's been well-f**ked and you're the one who got her there?

The truth is that most men are underperforming in life and in bed.
Here's Sexual Mastery for Men:
Salon 1

Foreplay and Arousal
- How to get your woman wet before you even touch her
- Remove the blocks that prevent you from coming together
Salon 2

Stamina: You, too, Can F**k Like Sting!
- How to eliminate premature ejaculation permanently
- Learn Taoist and Tantra sexual techniques for expanded + full-body orgasms
Salon 3

For the Love of Cock
- How to attain bigger, stronger and longer-lasting erections
- Learn proven methods to increase genital size
Salon 4

Polarity: Embracing Your Masculine
- Master the art of becoming more seductive and irresistible to women
- Tapping into your dark side
Salon 5

- The ultimate guide to female orgasms for men, including G-Spot and cervical
- Secrets of female ejaculation
Salon 6

Opening Your Woman and Keeping Her Open
- The biggest secret to helping women lose control
- Daily practices to keep her open

- G-Spot Ecstasy
- Maximize Your Libido and Potency
- Multi-Orgasmic Manual and Oral Techniques for Her

- Taoist Sexual Health Practices and Pelvic Strengthening
- Wilder, Darker, Deeper[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

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Password: Golden_Plaza

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