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KopyWriting Course: Neville Medhora (Update 11-2018)

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KopyWriting Course Neville Medhora Update 11 2018
KopyWriting Course: Neville Medhora (Update 11-2018) | 10.3 GB

If you'd like to start taking copy seriously in 2018, The Kopywriting Kourse is a fast and proven way to learn.
This KopywritingKourse Bundle is every product we have ever made, rolled into one logically-laid-out format at the lowest price we will ever offer.
Its perfect for people who want to make loads more cash from their business with the least amount of effort

You will learn:
How to think about copy like an expert.
How to write copy that sells.
How to produce valuable content.
How to automate your emails.
How to become a copywriter (if you want).
How to train any employees to be great copywriters.

The main KopywritingKourse is a 2-3 hour program that will take anyone (either you, or your employees) through the basics of good copywriting, and the exact techniques to do it on every piece of marketing material you have. This is the foundation of this entire copywriting bundle (worth 697 on its own). Then you can continue on to learn advanced content stratgies, cold emailing techniques, and so much more. Everything is included and you get lifetime access right away.
Learn to think like a copywriter
Getting into the copywriters mindset is so important, we dont write a single word until you understand this. These lessons alone are game changing.

Learn the technical aspects
Im not here to teach only theory. That would be silly. Im showing you how to get actual words onto an actual page. Youll get to follow along as I go through live copy examples.

Advanced copy strategies
Weve covered the basics, and now were going to go deeper into actual tactics. This is where we apply copywriting to different business models.

Content Marketing Copywriting
The word content marketing is thrown around as if any crappy article posted on the web is content. Were going to show you how to actually make kick ass articles that get linked, ranked, and read.

Copy in a hurry
If you (or your team) has a tight deadline and theres not a lot of time to learn copy, I have a module inside the KopywritingKourse just for you. Its a follow-along guide that will get you from an assignment to completion in just a few minutes.

Cold Sales Email Writing
Learning to write a damn good cold sales email pitch is what takes salespeople from low performers to top performers. This training has transformed sales teams and businesses alike.

eCommerce Copywriting
Depending on what youre selling, the copy tactics youll use are different. eCommerce is near and dear to my heart since my first real business was an eCommerce retailer. Since opening that, Ive learned many tips and tricks for writing eCommerce copy.

Writing Sales Pages
The 1 thing people come to me for help with is sales pages..those notoriously long behemoths that sell things on the web. Ive got some great strategies and formulas to follow that will make sales pages way simpler to manage and write.

The Bonus Vault
These are additional long-form interviews, copy teardowns, and breakthroughs in peoples copy that get continuously updated as new content comes along.

KopywritingKourse Updates
When we make updates to the KopywritingKourse, you automatically get the new updates. We love our members and dont try to nickel & dime them by charging for updates.
Go from zero knowledge to skilled writer.

Easy to learn for any skill level.
We want to make sure you get a complete restart back to the basics. This includes lessons and tools to help you THINK like a copywriter before you ever write a word. Learning to think the right way will change the way you write (and sell) forever.

Bite-sized lessons make it easy.
I have a relatively short attention span, and generally wont watch loonngg and drooonning videos. For this reason I make each video very bite-sized and information packed.
There are a couple of long-format interviews you can optionally watch, but the main lessons are packaged into quick and punchy lessons.



KopyWriting Course Neville Medhora Update 11 2018

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